Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I have added a new member to my shelf of friends and foes. It's Coraline of coarse (and she's caught in Gloomy Bear's evil death grip)! What an amazing character and equally amazing film. I absolutely adored every second of it.
Mr. Henry Selick has done it again; dazzling visuals, intriguing lead character, and all around magical movie. I've seen it twice on the big screen and will definitely buy it to own. Oh sweet Coraline... Check out more goodness here:


Nan Lawson said...

hehe i totally bought that too (ps - check out my avatar)!

lollywood said...

Ooh I want a Coraline doll! Where did you find it?

PeppermintDaydreams said...

i found her at a Galactic Comics. It's a comic (duh) and movie rental store in San Diego.